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It’s not me, it’s the Monster

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Chapter 5 from The Grapes of Wrath has been reproduced on Kenan Malik’s Pandaemonium. Select it here: “Steinbeck”
Worth a read.

Basic Trump

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Trump’s ascendancy has pushed the conversation back to base emotions. All the eloquent and impassioned speeches are now heard only by the respective chorus to whom they are directed. The ability or desire to have constructive discussion is effectively past.
Therefore, it is instructive to speak in terms of base ideas, with an overhead view.
We, […]

Millennials and Business

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Millennials and Business

There is a sea-change happening across many fields, business included. The change has to do with the way “millennials”, in general, approach things.

The effect is the opposite of globalization – it can be termed digital localization.

If taken on average, it seems that a millennial in business and as a customer has different […]

Protected: Taxing Storytellers

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Protected: Right To Copy

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Pretending To Be Human

by a neoandertal

Time stands still-borne in all-black free space.  Then, in a whirl
Fat colourful letters chase cloudy words but careen off grey numbers and greekletter-thingies,
Like a tetraplex of billiard balls each with their own spectrum
Of stickiness and deference and smile and fear and curiosity,
Or lifeless thunk..
Space is empty…except for us billiard balls.  […]

Choosing an Editor

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Editing • Proofreading • Spell-checking

An Editor may be contracted to perform any of several functions. First, one must clearly define the type of work to be done. Is it intended to be “editing” or “proofreading”? Further, there are two broad considerations for a contract, along with several more within each path. It can get […]

Protected: Identity Theft

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Protected: Taxing Writers – pdf

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Taxing Writers

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Taxing Writers

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