Shroomtown – Pictoric


The first of its kind – a Pictoric, combining a full length film script with storyboard elements.

Shroomtown is about the search for creativity. A lawyer sets aside his respected city practice to give creative pleasure to others in a place the locals call Shroomtown. He wants to allow his own mind to become free. In reaching for that goal, he nearly has his head opened up by an unscrupulous gang. Meanwhile, his wife soars in ways he never imagined.



The dawn of new genre!

Your chance to own a first run book of the new genre: Pictoric.

Open your world to the riveting stories written by script writers, exactly as they are written for the movies. Interspersed with storyboard sketches, you will be transported into the mind of the Director and Actor as you create your personal images of the storyline.

Shroomtown is the first Pictoric.

Shroomtown follows a city lawyer who has a niggling itch deep in his mind that is being pulled by the aura of a certain mushroom. Will the mushrooms win?

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A limit of 500 will be printed for the first run.

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