Right To Copy

Copyright is intended to encourage authors to write more by giving them the exclusive right to make money by selling copies of their work. Is that concept threatened?
With the right of exclusive copying of a work, the presumption is that their books have sufficient value that authors can make a living from writing.
On the other hand, the public, as readers, may be reluctant to pay for the works that writers produce. At the first glimmer of an opportunity, certain readers will take a work without feeling it is deserving of payment.
Imagine the logical conclusion: authors, faced with the perception that their work has no value, could cease producing works.
What is it about literary works, and other art, that carries the positive perception of value from an intellectual sense, but not always from a financial sense?
That philosophical question will not be answered here, alas. What this presentation will do is give you a more comprehensive understanding of copyright from the regulatory side.
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